tarot class columbus ohio introduction to tarot cards beginner workshop new age witchy
tarot class columbus ohio introduction to tarot cards tarot reading beginner workshop new age witchy

Tarot Reading 101

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Wednesday, September 25th, 6-8pm.

Class Fee: $40

Instructor: RaDonna Reed

For centuries, Tarot has been used as a way to offer insight to life’s situations and medicine in our journeys. In this Introduction to Tarot, learn how to tap into this ancient source of knowledge.

RaDonna reads Tarot as a spiritual practice, and will guide you through the Tarot in the same holistic way. When you leave the class, you will know the cards, as well as understand how to use them for self-insight.

 Topics Include:

✨In-depth dive into the Major Arcana

✨Brief overview of the Minor Arcana

✨Interpreting Symbolism

✨Types of Questions to Ask/Avoid

✨Basic Tarot Spreads

✨Cleansing and Caring for Cards

✨Developing Intuition

✨How to Practice

✨Ethical Use of the Cards

 Bring your own Rider-Waite Tarot Deck to class or RaDonna can bring one for you to take home at an additional cost (+$30). Requests for Tarot Decks must be made one week prior to the workshop. It is not necessary for you to have a deck for this class, but recommended so you can continue your practice after the class!

 If you already read Tarot, this class will deepen your practice. If you are new to Tarot, this will be a holistic overview for you to begin this practice. No matter what, when you leave this introduction, you will be able to read Tarot for yourself, or receive a reading with confidence in its message.

Where: Wild Cat's Confetti House
15 W Dunedin Rd.
Columbus, Ohio 43214

  **RaDonna Reed is a healer and spiritual advisor, offering guidance through tarot, reiki and mediumship. She creates spaces for people to heal, look inward, and gain understanding. To get to know her better, visit www.radonnareed.com.