Celebrating #10yearsofcraft : Our Staff!

Why is Wholly Craft thriving? Because the people that work here are awesome. Right now, we have the best staff ever – a crack team of rowdy ladies that genuinely care about helping you find the perfect gift. We’ve come a long way from the beginning when, for years, it was just me behind the counter.

shop local ohio handmade gifts Columbus, Ohio artist made Wholly Craft

Despite the fact I always had a second job during the first five years of the store, I was pretty much there everyday (A little bit of Wholly Craft trivia: the reason we were closed on Tuesdays is because I had to work extra late at another job on Monday nights. Even after the job ended, the closing day stuck because our customers were used to it!) I really enjoyed all of my side jobs, but the store was always my passion. It rarely felt like work to communicate with our vendors and help neighbors find gifts for special occasions. This is the part I miss most about not being behind the counter every day anymore.

We really didn’t build a staff until a few years ago, when I was first thinking about having a baby. I really admire (the mostly mythical) women that can “do it all,” but I knew that wasn’t me. I’d have to have more steady staff support at the store in order to raise a kid and still run the business.

handmade Ohio gifts shop local Columbus Ohio Wholly CraftAnd last year when we added staff for the new store, we made a big change: for the first time ever, Wholly Craft had a manager! Jen has brought to the business everything we needed: organization, excellent staff communication and training, attention to detail, and so much more. She has made us way more efficient and capable of handling the volume we work with today. And she totally keeps me on track which is a really difficult task! She deserves all the praise as do the rest of our amazing staff:

Heather has been with us the longest and she has built awesome relationships with so many of our regulars. I remember a day when Heather was a little shy behind the counter, so it has been great to see her grow into this role and feel comfortable treating our customers like old friends. Also she has great stories and opinions, so talking to her is always a treat! I’m glad she can give our customers that experience and I feel like she’s absolutely a part of who we are.

Amy is just flat out amazing. She’s warm, funny, and my partner describes her as the nicest person he’s ever met. And we can always tell when she’s worked a shift because the whole store looks fantastic. She has a great eye and works some merchandising magic for us every week!

shop local ohio handmade gifts Columbus, Ohio artist made Wholly CraftMolly is probably the coolest person I know. She’s genuine, smart, laid back, and we’re lucky to have her here on Saturday mornings. Her enthusiasm is always there, even when it’s a cold and dreary Saturday, and she’s so much fun to work with. Fun fact: Molly booked all the awesome entertainment for our anniversary party and for the after party, we’re going to see her own band play at Rumba Café!

Elise is one of our newest hires and she is just wildly impressive. She just jumped right in with great ideas and a work ethic to match. In addition to the fabulous idea to work with Lineage on a 10th anniversary craft beer, she also had the idea to create a cat head cutout to use at the party. Then she made it! I also like to joke that Elise keeps us bitties young and up on what the kids are doing these days. (snapchat?! what's a snapchat?)

Beth is our other newest hire and she’s our go-to person for crafty needs and special events. Kids love her at birthday parties and adults love crafting with her at our monthly Pinterest Parties. She’s like Martha Stewart with a very distinctly Wholly Craft flavor. And she did an amazing job on all the decorations for the party!

So, that’s our amazing staff who absolutely deserve a little gushing about in this 10th anniversary blog gushfest. I hope you can join us all on Saturday for the big celebration!