Meet Your Maker August 22nd: Stinkybomb Soap

stinkybomb soap handmade bath products columbus ohio locally made gifts grenade soap ohio soapThis Saturday we're thrilled to host one of our favorite local makers: Megan Green of Stinkybomb Soap! You really have to see the full line of goods to experience the awesomeness of her bath products and you can do just that on Saturday morning from 9am-12pm during the Clintonville Farmers' Market. AND she'll be trying something novel--a pour your own soap station. You choose the container and scent and customize your Stinkybomb experience. Megan is one of the hardest working makers we know and we're excited to introduce you to her. Here's a little bit more about Stinkybomb Soap:

Let’s start with an easy one: What do you make?
I am the owner of Stinkybomb Soap. We make soaps with a sense of humor that cast from real life products. 
So... soaps shaped like hand grenades, baby doll heads, and Ohio to name a few. We have also now offer hand soap in Pyrex science pumps and Honey Bear jars. 
I also organize Craftin' Outlaws, the longest running craft show in Columbus. Now in it's 10th year! With a few out of time craft show organizers, we are relaunching Midwest Craft Con. A 3 day craft conference coming to the capital city February 2016.
How did you get started making your current line of products? Why did you decide to make it a business?
I have been making Stinkybomb Soap, a line of iconic shaped soaps and bath products since 2007. 
It all started as an inside joke and has exploded, pun intended, into a handmade business. 
My husband has a small company making resin replicas of grenades, which he sells to WWII reenactors. While home on maternity leave I took one of his molds and poured a hot pink hand grenade bar of soap. It was all an idea formed from being bored at home with a newborn. The response from family and friends was positive enough to propel the concept into a business.
What do you like to do in your non-crafting time?
As a mom of two elementary aged kids, I do all the mom things. We go to the pool in the summer months, have fires in the backyard with smores. My non-crafting time has now become family focused time. I used to enjoy seeing movies in actual movie theaters, mostly comedies. I used to like reading books but now I tend to listen to podcasts when I find a free moment. Typically it's while I'm folding laundry because no kid wants to help fold laundry so I get my me time then. I've been catching up on Fresh Air and finished Serial not that long ago. 
What’s your favorite thing about Clintonville? (outside of Wholly Craft of course, haha!)
Wholly Craft is the best part of Columbus but Clintonville is lucky to call you home. Pattycake and Lavash are tasty reasons to head into Clintonville. I like food and crafts!