Meet Your Maker July 18th: Livy Lynn

This week, we're excited to feature one of our newest vendors: Jennifer Haines of Livy Lynn. Jennifer's vintage inspired jewelry has already found a following at the shop and we can't wait to share her full line with everyone on Saturday! Meet Jennifer and shop Livy Lynn at Meet Your Maker on Saturday morning from 9am-12pm outside Wholly Craft. Here's a little more about Jennifer and Livy Lynn:
made in columbus jewelry shop local ohio made vintage inspired jewelry

What do you make?

LivyLynn makes unique vintage upcycled jewelry!  We have a whole collection of cuffs, earrings, necklaces, and even rings!  All of our pieces are upcyceld and made form atleast 50% (or more) vintage materials! 

Our current line of vintage image pieces are vintage images on shrink plastic that are then finished with vintage chains and s-clasps.  All of our earrings are made from vintage pieces with only new stainless steel posts or ear wires added.  Our rings are either all vintage or vintage upcycled clip-ons that are then attached to new brass rings.

We have a new line of items that will be coming this fall.  These are really exciting and will include long boho necklaces, vintage leather cuff bracelets, and vintage brass rings!!  It will be a lot of fun to make these and see how our customers LOVE them!


How did you get started making your current line of products?

My passion comes from a true love of old stuff!  I grew up with an appreciation for vintage and collecting.  My grandparents were avid collectors and sellers.  In fact, my grandfather still collects to this day (and sells too).  His house is full of interesting things from paintings to vintage secular items.  It’s just really cool! 

I love that when you touch something that is 30, 50, or 100 years old or more, you are actually touching history.  It becomes less abstract and more relatable to your own life in this moment.  It’s a bit of a transcending moment (in my opinion).  I absolutely ADORE my vintage knickknacks! 

In fact, one of my more recent finds was a vintage French letter (friend to a friend) from July, 1788 (one year before the French revolution)!!  It is just an amazing experience to hold something that old in your hands!!  Now, my goal is to figure out how to incorporate this letter into some of my pieces!  My latest idea is transferring the writing onto upcycled pieces of leather to them turn into cuffs etc!  That would be a cool way to transform this piece of history into something alive again!

Why did you decide to make it a business?

I originally started making jewelry when I was 12 years old.  It was an on-and-off passion of mine for MANY years.  After I had a stroke in 2011 I needed something that was a bit of an outlet.  So, I started making a few pieces here and there for myself.  I didn’t’ necessarily mean to start a business.  However, my creative needs just kept growing and growing with the amazing pieces that I would find!  I would have never been able to wear or gift as many pieces as I really wanted to make.  So, at that point I thought….”well Jen, just start a small business”!  Nothing big, but something where others could find a little piece of history too.  From there, LivyLynn is what it is today!

What do you like to do in your non-crafting time?

In my non-crafting time, you will find me at home relaxing with my husband, 6 year old daughter, and 2 year old pup!  I love my family time, and I love spending time with my daughter!  Thank goodness I am a stay at home mommy, or I would never have the time to fit everything in!  My husband is amazing and incredibly supportive!  Without him, I would never be able to do the amazing things that I have!

What’s your favorite thing about Clintonville? (outside of Wholly Craft of course, haha!)

My husband, daughter, and I lived in Clintonville for two years after moving back to Central Ohio from Austin, TX.  We LOVED the sense of community that Clintonville has.  It is so free spirited!  We made some amazing friends and connections that we still have today!  While we moved to another suburb, Clintonville will ALWAYS have a very special place in our hearts!