Meet Your Maker June 27th: Jonathan Juravich

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We can not speak highly enough of Jonathan Juravich! His illustrated goods are quirky, adorable, and a perennial customer favorite. From famous artist bookmarks to woodland creature buttons to anthropomorphized office supply magnets, his handmade goods always entice a smile. And he and his family are simply the sweetest. By day, he's an elementary art teacher, husband to a local celebrity, and father to an impossibly cute toddler; plus he teaches a craft workshop for adults with developmental disabilities once a month at Wholly Craft AND he helped us move last summer. And the Juraviches live right here in Clintonville. Did I mention the series of adorable illustrated owl notecards? I'm done gushing now, so read below and I hope you can stop by on Saturday morning from 9am-12pm to pick up some great illustrated goods from our neighbor and friend, Jonathan Juravich!

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Let’s start with an easy one: What do you make?

Paper goods and more! Woodland Friends and other illustrated buddies find their way onto buttons, stationary, bookmarks, prints, and more. All of my illustrations are hand drawn and digitally colored.

How did you get started making your current line of products? Why did you decide to make it a business?

I have always been a maker—putting things together, digging things out of the recycling bin to turn into something new. But my role as an art educator has led me to be inspired to share my illustrations and hopefully some happiness with other people. To say that I am “inspired by my young students” would be an understatement.

What do you like to do in your non-crafting time?

There is my day job, an elementary art educator- a job that I love and works its way into all parts of who I am. In addition I am a middle school track coach, and teach Art Education at Otterbein University. I also have the pleasure of teaching crafting to Adults with Developmental Disabilities at Wholly Craft.

What’s your favorite thing about Clintonville? (outside of Wholly Craft of course, haha!)

I live in Clintonville with my wife Amy (WOSU host) and our daughter Josie… and a crazy little dog. We chose Clintonville to be our home because it is where we belong. We are close to everything we could ever need and yet a few steps away we can step into wooded areas that make you feel worlds away. Clintonville is home to some of the most creative, thoughtful, and kind people.